In heaven’s end

“October Thirteen Twenty-Sixteen.”


“Ten o’clock”

“Grief is this all consuming feeling that creeps up under my skin. It’s scary how I can actually feel it eat me up until I am nothing but an empty hearth.”

“Yet it is amazing how God keeps me in the light. I don’t know how I’d be able to hold on without Him.”




– end of video diary –


Right now, only one piece of ember is alight in my hearth. And that source of warmth is enough for me.

As Moira dela Torre croons “Take her to the moon for me…” I know I don’t have to wish happiness for you, Couz, ‘coz I can see you up there with God — with your mum — with Joms. I’d add though  that “No matter where you are, you’ll always have my heart. No matter where you are, I’ll love you from afar.”

I know you’ll still look after me not as my worldly adopted brother but as my heavenly brother in Christ. Isn’t that the perfect fit for both of us? Truly, God has made a victory out of your passing away.

So although I have the worst voice that will never surmount to your incredible talents, bro, here goes:

* sings Moira dela Torre’s Take her to the moon

And take, take her to the moon for me
Take her like you promised me
Say you love her every time like how you told me the last time
Someday I know we’ll meet again
In heaven by the rainbow’s end

– end of video –

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