Would you dare?

In honor of you, I hope this will be as beautifully crafted as it should be.

Cousin, you walked this earth with the light that comes from the Lord. Your relationship with Him has overflowed to all of us. Thank you for being a salt of God in our lives. As I recall how you have touched my life, one vivid memory flashes back.

There was this one afternoon I visited you at your house. You were carrying a matchbox. With the mischievous glint in the eyes of a six year old, you told me you got bitten by the spider you caged inside it. Now, you are going to be just like Spiderman!

You offered the box to me and like every normal five year old girl, I backed away. You tried to convince me to get myself bitten as well.

“Then we both will get Spiderman’s superhuman powers! On the plus-side, you can call yourself Spiderwoman,” you said. All in ilocano of course.

Frightened at the stupid idea offered by my demented cousin, I said “NO”.

“Wouldn’t it be great,” you prodded on. “For us to become partners in saving the world?”

As expected, I was still mortified. I went home, half-dazed and went straight to mum. I played the victim of that afternoon’s event. You know what she said? She said you just plainly wanted to have a playmate with the spiders. That the spider won’t bite me anyway.

The next day, I braved myself to take up your dare. I took the courage to open up that tiny box and hold the little creature inside it.

As what my mum said, the spider didn’t bite me. You never became Spiderman. I never became Spiderwoman. We played pretend though.

Fast forward to the year 2000’s.

You became my accountability partner. You would check up on me, dare me to grow with God and you were patient enough to see me take my time.


Thank you for all those times you have been patient with me. Thank you for your cheerful disposition over my various temperaments. And thank you for your love.




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