On screen with Miss Saigon on its 25th year

… the 25th Anniversary Performance of Miss Saigon is one of the most moving things I’ve watched on a big screen.

Ben Hewis


The original Miss Saigon was played on September 20, 1989 and surely, I was still a fetus that time. I also haven’t watched Miss Saigon on stage so I wouldn’t have any point of reference. But buying the ticket to watch Miss Saigon: 25th Anniversary Performance in cinemas gave me a bit of apprehension as the recording will surely ruin the overall effect of a play. That I thought to myself.

However, this screening surely did not fail me. Not only did I get a closer look at all of the actors during the screening, the sound and overall mood of the play was totally captured in the cinema.

I was enthralled by the perfectly set up stage design (see Jon Jon Briones’ American Dream), extreme close-up shots and of course, the superb performance of its leading cast. I am really curious on how they shot this without bothering the live audience.

Now back to my review. I was really moved by Eva Noblezada’s portrayal of Kim, making me shed a few tears on all of her moving songs that two days after, I am still feeling the shrill in my heart as I empathize about her heartbreaking story. Rachell Ann Go, as proud as I could ever be, truly lived up to the reputation of this infamous play. And of course, the finale act of the original cast would make the PhP 350.00 ticket such a great deal!

What makes me relate so much about Kim and Gigi’s story is how hard these girls have been trying to survive in such a harsh world. It just reminds me of my personal struggles in succeeding in this dog eats dog world. And how most women, including me, hopes that somehow, even how long it may take, my GI would free me from this world. *sniff

A realization kicks in. Only Jesus could free us. Failure to see that makes us wander off to our own deserts.

But please give me the privilege to add in a few more thoughts. Over the weekend, as my hormones peaked up to an all time high, I struggled about my season of waiting for my life partner. I have been groaning unto God about how hard it is to be alone in this world, which made it so easy for me to place myself in Kim’s shoes. Add to that my past heartaches, maybe’s *singing Maybe …

So this Monday, as I remained brooding over my current predicament, God reminded me that He has plans for me: plans to prosper me and not to harm me; plans to give me a hope and a future. Isn’t that swell?!! *British accent

I’ll end it hear before I go overboard sharing about my life trials and totally go off topic. 🙂

To conclude this revIew, if Broadway is as good as this on cinema, how much more on the actual stage? I can’t wait for my first Broadway Musical!


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