Why I’m staying out of Facebook


And it’s not because of the recently released article about Facebook Envy.

Monday morning and here comes my phone, seducing me to open Facebook even before I utter my morning prayers. Was it effective?

Definitely – YES.


*    *     *

Two hours later, at the office, I found myself mindlessly opening the F-orbidden app again. And there goes this guy I’ve known since college tagging a familiar name.

“Oh, so this account is still active,” I said to myself.

“Might as well check it out,” said the inner vixen in me.

A few scrolls later and a few info gathered up (he pursued med, he’s in SLU, he’s still fit!), the evils of my mind came rushing in AGAIN.

You’re single, you’re fat, you’re never ever going to be back with him, yadayada.
I know, I know. I put this upon myself. But it still hurts like ****!

So what did I do? I prayed.
And I had to reevaluate myself:

  • Why am i feeling this way?
  • What caused it?
  • Why did I even check out his account?
  • Why am i on Facebook?
  • What should I be doing instead of being on Facebook?

So there – the cons of being on Facebook greatly outweights the pros. That’s why I immediately disabled my app and went out of messenger.
Now… for the much needed introspection.

Logging out



3 thoughts on “Why I’m staying out of Facebook

  1. Great post!
    To be honest, I hate FB but as I have a business page, I need to post daily. The trouble is, that I’m sucked into also checking out my personal page so before I know it, an hour or two has passed.


    1. That is so true! I have managed to discipline myseld after two weeks now though to only check one or two posts in my feeds every time I open up the app. Hope you also get yourself into that habit 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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