New toy

Good morning everyone! Even though it’s already 1PM while I’m writing this.

Obviously, I slept through the whole of my Sunday morning as we just got back to Makati at 3AM!

Why?!! Because the JP Peeps went exploring Alabang yesterday! And this morning, haha!

DK, Fats and Flor goes out from their territory to explore the South

Highlight of the night worth sharing to the masses – I tried bingsu for the very first time! Bingsu is a popular Korean dessert made of shaved ice, sweet toppings, syrup, milk powder and condensed milk – much like our own halo-halo.

But, tell you what! Never have I ever tasted shaved ice soooo fine before. And the quality of the fruit toppings, not too sweet syrup, premium milk powder and condenced milk makes me uphold Korean cuisine even more! Their aim for perfection is just exquisite just as seen in this very simple but heavenly dessert.

Blueberry bingsu – because mas mataas, mas maraming serving

I’m glad to have tasted my first bingsu here at Ice Flower where there is also that special room where shaved ice is falling *see cafe’s tagline below. The ice room as we will now call it is free for kids and kid’s at heart.

Korean Dessert Cafe loved by the locals


After a night of exploring ATC and Molito, we ended up watching King Arthur and drinking a watered down cup of Milo at Janna’s place.



Aren’t we all blessed with Shared Lives – Shared Experiences? I am forever blessed by these sisters God has placed in my life.

This post was actually to feature Fujifilm X-a10 which REALLY captured the fun of the moment. But God just showed me last night that beyond all the latest gadgets/toys, explorations and food, we won’t fully appreciate these in this world we’re living in without people to share it with.



This week, I hope you will just put yourself out there and make yourself enjoy life as it is even without that latest iPhone or Android and going out to taste the latest food fad at the hippest mall. Go free up your time for your family and friends. Catch-up with your long-distance friend via Messenger or Skype. Just go out!



Always captivated,



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