On body shaming

read here: http://itrealstory.com/pz/dt/ph/medblog_w/?uclick=gx7s37dv

My stretch marks, extra pounds, and physical exhaustion at the end of each day remind me that it is costly to raise children, but God reminds me through his Spirit that this is part of laying down my life in worship which brings true freedom.

Choosing to say “enough” to excessive exercise and to be healthy but not obsessive when eating is a sacrifice of worship. Refocusing our hearts with the question, “Who can I love today as an act of worship to God?” instead of “How do I look and what can I do to achieve physical perfection?” brings us freedom from body shame one day at a time. Through the Spirit’s power, we begin to fight against the lies of body shaming and to write a new story which can impact generations to come.

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