Yet another piece

What he was doing was a subtle form of “fat shaming” or “body shaming” and it was made all the worse because it was being couched in the language of sin.

I’ve seen similar scenarios play out in Christian groups over the years — Christians shaming others for their bodies and assuming that the condition of their bodies was the result of some moral deficiency. It is a way of speaking and thinking that is deeply unhelpful, and much like the damaging language of “purity” does to sexuality, this Christian body shaming does not do justice to the gifts, joys, and troubled realities of the bodies we were all given.

The way to call each other into that health, however, is not to use the tactics of shame and the moralistic language of gluttony. Not only is such a way of speaking rooted in a great many untruths; it simply doesn’t work.

Let’s celebrate each other, and help those of us who struggle with our bodies find the joy God intended for us in our skin as much as our spirits

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