Taxi ride

It’s a good day indeed!

I have been really feeling bad all week and as I write this, I thank God for romanticizing me in the littlest things.
Waking up today just wanting to lay in bed, I forced myself up to get on with my life. Going out of the house was such a great ordeal. I stood at the gate not ready to face the sun. So I took my umbrella, brought out my shades and finally… summoned the courage to unlock the gate and go out.
As I stepped out, the irreverent sun was happy to greet me with its unforgiving rays. At early noon, I squinted at my surroundings as I took a feel of how my day would probably go. I have been grumpy all day brought down by my worries of the world – and probably because of what this day entails.
And right there and then, at the middle of the street gazing at the filtered sky through my sunglasses, I felt a washing of joy come upon me. I uttered a small prayer to God for letting me out on such a beautiful day! I said, “God, you gave me this beautiful view with its cute fluffy clouds and blue blue sky…thank you!”
But arriving at Makati Ave, the joy I had early on has gone back down to zero. I kept whispering to God how sad I was, how bad a week I was having and how i hope he could fix it all.

I won’t bore you with the details how everything was going wrong with my day. What I will share to you is how I finally got a taxi going to NAIA and what joy, peace and comfort came down upon me as I sat at the backseat enjoying my little cruise around the pisturesque Poblacion, driving on elevated roads that brings you closer to the sky, in nostalgic boulevards where I used to have audit fieldworks, and all those memories rushing back as I remember all the times I went to NAIA for my travels and meeting my father from his one year work in Saudi.


It’s a good day indeed 🙂


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