Yesterday’s TODAY: An introverted insight

So how do you start a blogpost about yesterday’s Today when two of your friends have already blogged about it?

I sure do have two finished drafts in my mind already and all I need to do is write it down in physical form.


But as I sip my morning coffee, listening to the hustle and bustle inside my best ever favorite fastfood chain, music crooning from the speaker ceiling, I’m dozing off to my own world again.
DK calls it being lutang. Cha laughs it off knowing how introverted I tend to get. And I? I can’t even conjour a thought about it. I’m dangerously at the edge of ending this blogpost and going back to my daydreams.

But seriously, no matter how tuned out I went yesterday, God made me realize how He has put these two people, DK and Cha in my life who would think first about me – an introverted girl in this extroverted world.

So let me just take the time to honor first, Cha who would lovingly consider to spend time with me in my own habitat – staying at home and watching movies where noone needs to talk. Thanks girl! I appreciate the time you took to think about my needs and wants first. Everyone needs a girl friend like you. 😗

To Dk, as our friendship’s not really the affirming type…I’ll awkwardly say thanks for putting up with my introvertedness day in and day out! Specifically for not resenting how I don’t talk at 9PMish anymore. I didn’t even talk to you upon arriving home until late night! It’s not you. It’s me. Haha!

And lastly, to God for orchestrating great friendships and weaving them tighter and tighter everyday. I have grown up as a really introverted person. It is by God’s grace that I am even able to go out with friends when my instict says no.
The best realization I’ve had about yesterday was how He has placed people in my life who doesn’t expect me to change and love me for who I am.



It was a good day ❤

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