Of valets and parking lots

Here were our stops today:
@Jazz Mall
@Salcedo Market
@Leaders’ Convergence

Here were our stops today:

@Jazz Mall

Drank three cups today!

@Salcedo Market

* ROOKIE MISTAKE: Not using the correct film simulation to get the right skin tone. Forgive me

Lola goals! Gusto ko talaga mamalengke dito

@Leaders’ Convergence

Maga mga mata, beshie? Puyat?!!

for a movie and dinner

@ride to a friend’s house > Watson’s > and back again

Lord, thank you for today! First time po na kahit after the puyat I had last Friday and “early” meet up the next day PLUS! meeting hyped up people sa LC and wait, there’s more! movie and dinner and moooore more more car rides, YOU HAVE SUSTAINED ME.

By history Lord, you know that my heart would already be burdened by aaaall that has happened in the last…what, 60 hours?!! (from thursday work until this very moment – blogging)

Tonight, You did not allow that to happen. Instead, umuwi lang po ako filled with joy, awe and wonder.

Thank You sa affirmation from my friends, the trust and confidence shared in this siblinghood, a homey church who builds up character in leaders, good food, great movies,  safe car rides, valets and parking lots!

You truly are changing my heart, Lord. Indeed, it’s really not a question of being an introvert or extrovert but how willing are we to be molded into You.


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