May this inspire you

2017 has been a year of found possible-love-stories. No kidding. And I felt lost and jaded of my what-could’ve-beens. My why’s were the worst to deal with.

Today, as I cried myself over Nikki and BJ’s wedding videos on Youtube, I went all out and stalked Nikki Gil’s blog.

Here’s what I found: Ask Nikkie: How to wait for the Right One

Ask Nikki

Know that every failed relationship of yours is one step closer to your destiny. 

 Your attitude while you wait is crucial.

 Use this time to focus on your own growth and well-being! Work out, learn a new sport, pick up a new hobby, meet new people, travel! Work on becoming your own person so you don’t end up pressuring your future partner to “complete” you, and feel disappointed when he doesn’t. And FYI, he WILL disappoint you sometimes. Because we are only human.

Being someone’s partner also means being responsible for that person’s heart. Use this time to focus on preparing yourself to be a good partner, instead of focusing on just what you can consume from a relationship. 

And more importantly, use this time to focus on your relationship with the One who will never leave you nor hurt you. What helped see me through those lonely days was my leaning on God.

There was a void in my heart that only He could fill. It wasn’t always easy, but there was comfort in knowing that God was always close enough to wipe away my tears. 

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