God’s immediate answer

Always captivated – Read here how God rescued me from worry!

So yesterday, I posted the unabridged thoughts I’ve had about my work.

I was just so devastated going home because I lost a very significant template last Friday. I discovered it yesterday on the day my deadlines were set. Imagine the quiet horror I endured as I manually prepared my reports.

Going home, I felt like a total failure.

So after some downtime last night, I finally took the courage to talk to God and let him give me the rest I needed. It was all surreal.

When I finally got to my bed for my night time bible study, the Spirit led me to this verse.


It was such a beautiful moment knowing that God is in control of my life.

I woke up early today feeling sooo rested even though I sneaked in half a cup of white instant coffee at 6pm yesterday.

I thank God for showing me that even today, He is in control.

I just retrieved the lost file, it didn’t cause an issue with the client and I am at peace.


No matter the situation, know that I am God.

Always captivated,


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