Let 2018 work for you.

For my #Better2018, I’ve been really trying to put things into perspective – with the guidance and wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit.

So I’ve been constantly reviewing my priorities.

Nothing has changed. I do believe that during the Prayer and Fasting, things were balanced out. I will still STRICTLY STICK to the following goals though:

1. Go home by 9:30
2. Magtipid
3. Aim to complete my CPD

Go home by 9:30

I know this maybe out of norms. It gives me such a great deal of anxiety really. I guess this is why I went to blogging about it. (They say writing decreases anxiety)

With my spiritual family meeting on weekdays, I only have prayers to God on how I will be dealing with this the whole year round. This is on your hands, Lord!

So why 9:30?

This isn’t just some mindless goal I have put on myself. Going home by 9:30 gives me enough time for myself everyday to finish tasks before I finally can do a very deep quiet time with the Lord at the end of the day.

A. Time to rest
B. Time to face rituals
C. Time to clean the house
D. Time with God
E. Tipid sa dinner

dinner at home or cook meals for tomorrow

F. Wake up early

As you can see, this goal is an all encompassing goal that affects a multitude of aspects in my life which basically leads to wellness, and a wholeness in life.

Don’t get me wrong. It is still GOD who completes us.

I felt like last year, a lot of other factors in my life was put on hold or was just basically left behind and I do not want that to happen again.

So this year, I will be sticking to this if it is the last thing I do!


Because I honestly don’t have a second source of income, what I can do right now is manage my finances even more wisely. That means eating lesser meals out, avoiding fancy restaurants and coffee shops, and just being mindful of where my money goes to.

This also opens up opportunities to eating healthier by preparing my own food. I am actually excited about this one. I’ll update you how things are going soon!

Other reason for this is I want to be financially stable by building my emergency fund. This is also something I’d like to do for my family as I also bear responsibilities like tuition fees and Christmas allowances – add to that, monthly padala.

Plus! I want to this for myself: to build by travel and business fund and sooo much more.


Aim to complete my CPD

This one may seem a little too detailed for the actual scenario I’m at.

I’m still not sure where to put in my time, money and resources to build up my value. But as I am a CPA, the most obvious path to take is to take my CPD’s.

I am still on the process with God about all of this but I am taking small steps towards this until a final decision has been made.

With this goal though, I’ll need to save up time and money to make it happen which is also why I have Goals 1&2.

Now, how do I end this post?

With a little bit more introspection, I am reminded to keep things at a balance. I am still continously seeking my 2017 goals which is to be vulnerable:

  • to my spiritual family mostly (especially with the girls and my accountability partners – Cha most of all)
  • And God

Which leads me again to Goal 1 which just really balances things out. So hey! I think we’re on the right path to a #Better2018.

So now, let’s go to application!

3 thoughts on “Let 2018 work for you.

  1. apir! kung sa detalye alam ko gusto ko pero sadyang the struggle is real sa araw-araw na i-push ang mga iyon. pero tuloy lang ang laban diba. sa dasal sa tingin ko yungb realizations na maiisip sa bagay-bagay ay boses o bulong N’ya.

    Yung isang meaningful ay “Bakit ka ba nag-aalangan sa mga panalangin/ hiling mo. Hindi mo kailangan mag-isa-isa kung kaya mo naman ipursige at pangatawanan”. Diba “Faith is Trust and Faith Is confidence.

    God bless sa iyo!


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