Your teasing should stop

This is a call to all the men out there.

Your teasing should stop.

There is a fine line between lovingly making fun of someone and bullying.

You just don’t tell a girl you just met that she should be of this body type. That’s objectification.

You don’t bring up someone else’s past to a girl you just met based on what you’ve researched about her online.

And you do not, in anyway, judge a person by her personality without getting to know her.

I am obviously hurt. And tired. Of all the men who have treated me this way all my life.

I am sick of these immature boys who do not acknowledge their faults. I am tired of hearing excuses on how they mistreat a woman by saying “You’re pissed off because you’re hormonal”.

If you haven’t had the vaguest idea yet, women are humans able to feel emotions of hurt and anger. We were created to be treated gently and not as something you toy with when you are bored.

I am angry – and tired, of all the men out there who wouldn’t grow up. I am saddened that it is my fault that I was hurt and I stood up for myself because their is noone else I expect to stand up for me.

Slowly but surely, I am los

sing hope for all the boys out there who just wouldn’t grow up.

This is a call for you to stop bullying.

To all the boys out their, stop your teasing.

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