Colors of Summer

Yesterday was special because it marked the end of summer.

Sitting somewhere in Laguna just chilling with friends, I stared at far away mountains, their silhouettes a bluish hue against a covering of clouds.

I had no coffee in hand to provide for fake exhilaration.

It was just bare me, looking at the pureness of God’s creation. Where no manmade infrastructure covered the green of the land.

I said to myself, “I shall forever belong here.”

At a place where you wake up to the sounds of a visiting bird, perched on your windowsill; where morning fog engulfs the wideness of the fields; and dewdrops dampens your feet.

I wish I could make summer stay.

Where Friday nights are spent packing for the unknown, and Saturday mornings are a grueling task to get up early. When we become hyped up beasts in the afternoons and sluggish creeps in the evening. Maybe, even spend some worship time in between.

Then Sunday comes where you all just chill ‘coz our young days are in the past and our old bodies are starting to moan.

But then came yesterday.

SLEX was unforgiving. The long winding path going back home made me want to hold on even tighter to the places I have left behind and to the season that was about to leave.

“Don’t,” whispered my heart.

But here I am today, back in the urban jungle. Where coffee is in my hand hoping for fake exhilaration. I stared at the busy street calculating the perfect time to cross the machine infested roads.

Today, I bid goodbye to summer.

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