Finding rest in this urban jungle


Have you ever felt like you’re a minute too late for everything? Sa exam, sa morning meals at a resto, sa mga pag sesend ng emails/texts/Skype messages?

That happened to me today. On 29 June 2018, an emergency came up so I had to file a leave. I was late for my appointment though as I was still making some communications with the team who was covering me up at work.

Would you believe?!! I was out and about the metro without my kilay – a signifier on how rigid my day was.

Throughout the morning, I was still being chased around by a client, my boss, my staff – while doing personal matters. Talk about great multitasking skills!

I do thank God for the grace and patience He had given me this morning. On bad days, it’s great to have a deposit on God’s Word in your heart for who knows when you will be needing it.

I hope you are daily devoting yourself to a time to be with God and listen to His Word.

I will soon be putting out devotionals – those that I have personally encountered on my own time with God our Father. So stay tuned for these blogposta I will be categorizing under Be Captivated.

Late lunch.
After a very stressful morning, I was ready to unwind. I walked around BGC looking for a brightly lit table, preferably near a window with good drinks (ehem, coffee) and good food (for the price). Now I know mahirap maghanap ng affordable food sa BGC. As I had time naman to walk around and clear my head from the 24 hour happenings of my life, I opted to visit various places before finally deciding where to spend some quality time and blog.

I finally found a nice place to go to after a few stops around Market! Market! And SM Aura. Sa haba ng paglalakad ko alone, I’d honestly say I was still feeling down because of some drama. But when I saw this beautiful resto (note the price of their cheapest food), I knew then where I was going to eat!

I went inside, excited for an awesome alone time but unfortunately, they don’t serve frappes or any beverage with cream on top. Yes, I am that kind of stressed. Please don’t judge!

The next option would be to buy coffee outside Cuba Libre. I did ask the waiter if I could bring in outside drinks and she said sure! Thanks ate girl.

The nearest coffee place was Mary Grace.

Where Titas of Manila dine diba? Perfect for my first Where Tita Fats Eats section.

I’m sorry to disappoint you though with the presentation of my 180p iced mocha. Totally not worth it if you were expecting an ig worthy coffee for your blog! Haha

I went back to Cuba Libre, ordered from Yell their bestseller Picadillo Cubano and asked kindly why kulang ang aking sukli. Haha

Please note that the place charges service fee on top of the price indicated. Drinks are iced tea, lemonade and alcoholic beverages. The place has ambient Cuban (?) music perfect for alone time, work or chitchat with friends.

I would definitely go back here if I lived close by. The food suits our Filipino tastes, they have vegetable options, side dishes para sa tunay na gutom and great and accomodating staff!

4 star for me.

Resto: Cuba Libre
Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Instagram: @cubalibreph

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