Where I get my writing voice

To celebrate my more than 50 Pinterest followers, I will be writing about my blogging journey as pro

We want movies that could change our lives, series that could change our perspectives and books that could open up to possibilities.

This weekend, as I nursed a cold, I was able to finish Anne with an E and watch The Help.

These two shows made me rethink who I am as a woman and as a writer.

“[…] there is no straight path in art or life. Sometimes there’s no path at all and one must break down walls and machete their way through the woods to get where they need to go.”

– Woman in Blue Top Hat (Joanne Boland)

Truly, when I placed this blog publicly, noone really knows where this will end up to. Even I.

And here’s a secret. It’s been more than a month now and I’ve had days when I wanted to quit. Quitting is so easy, right? Just quit the blog just as you did with your previous blogs!

But I thank everyone who has sent me a word or two that has encouraged me to keep moving forward. After all, blogging is not a sprint but a marathon.

It may take me a few months or years than others but I will get there.

What matters to me is that I am putting my voice out there.

“It’s not what the world holds for you, it is what you bring to it, ” Anne said to Cole in the heartbreakingly last episode of the series.

And yes, I’d like to believe I have something to bring to the world.

I’d like to bring in my hearbreaks and the light that comes from my Father. I’d like people to see an imperfect me that is made whole by my creator. I’d like for my readers to see that I am of this fallen world but I have been brought I to my original design, CAPTIVATING in the eyes of my God.

Quoting Stuart Whitworth in The Help “I hope you write someting really good. Something you believe in”

I will continue writing because I believe in the voice God has given me.

Always captivated,


PS. Special shoutout to my readers from Singapore!

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2 thoughts on “Where I get my writing voice

  1. “And yes, I’d like to believe I have something to bring to the world.”

    Yes we do. I firmly believe that because all of us has a purpose, we have something to bring. We ask for God to give us the courage to place that in the light.

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