Let the magic live on

After seven years, the muggle world saw Hogwarts again in the big screen.

When the first news of seeing Hogwarts again broke out, I thought it was another silly hype but as I sat at the cinema today and heard Hedwig’s Song, I so badly wanted to cry.

My heart pounded so loudly for a few more minutes.

I remembered vividly during Deathly Hallows Pt2 how many people on Tumblr were saying they’d cry upon seeing the first scene of the movie.

Another hype, I said to myself.

Seated at IMAX on that fateful day where the WB logo and Hedwig’s Song came out for what I thought would be the last time, tears started rolling down my cheeks.

I felt embarassed as I was clearly seated besides people who didn’t follow Harry’s magical journey their entire lives.

This is to thank everyone who has been a part of Fantastic Beasts for keeping the magic alive.

Harry has been such a great part of my life growing up. I bought nearly all of the first editions and read the books immediately upon release.

He was with me from elementary up until my board exam review when the last movie came out.

It signified my entire childhood until I was released into the real world to work and as we millenials call it, adult.

It was the end of an era for me.

I thought the magic died with me on that day.

As I went on living my life, Harry Potter became my seclusion. A place where I could hide on tough days.

Opening up a page and revisiting the adventures of The Golden Trio, I soon learned that the magic never died in my heart.

As many people moved on to Star Wars (moved back?), Marvel Cinematic World and the many more geekverses out there, my hear remained faithful to JK Rowling’s greatest masterpiece.

Seeing people around chanting familiar spells and living seemingly ordinary lives besides floating annoying teapots made eveything so surreal.

The magic is back with a bang!

I end it hear to #ProtectTheSecrets but still,


Special shoutout to the best photobomb!

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