That phase between friendship and courtship nobody talks about


My mind has been at a loss during the past days.

In an attempt to bring my heart back to God, I went into the process of consecrating myself back again to my Creator.

Last Friday, on my first day of Prayer and Fasting, God gave me a dream.

My father and I rode this big construction vehicle. I volunteered to drive this indimidating utility. I set up my chair and made sure I reached the foot pedals.

Unfortunately, after uncomfortably driving a few blocks, I had to admit to myself that if I kept driving this, I will soon find myself unable to control the vehicle!

I soon gave up the driver’s seat to my dad.

That dream was long and winding but on the next day, I couldn’t give up this minute detail.

I prayed to God what it meant. As literal as it sounds, He said it’s about me letting Jesus to take the wheel.

One of my friends told me that I was putting unto my own hands something I could not control!

A few things comes into mind about what these things could possibly be. Let me concentrate on my prayers for my future husband on this blogpost.

I think that we can never ever be prepared enough when that time comes wherein you are about to enter into a brand new season.

Nobody told me about the suspenseful wait of him asking you out. Or the thrill of seeing him afar during a church service. Nobody told me about the confusions and the questions that arises as you start wondering if this could possibly be it.

Pastors say to wait upon the Lord and Christian influencers advice you to maximize your waiting period. You read about books and hear from your mentors that the man is to lay down their intentions.

But their seems to be a silence about that time in between where a man crosses the friendship zone into something unknown.

Noone told me about how things were before the guy asked you out on a date.

As popular testimonies would share, it’s the man asking out a girl out of the blue. It’s that surprise first date where flowers are given.

But perhaps mine is a crescendo of emotions building up into a season of dating. Perhaps mine will be a graceful dance of long courtship, me and him tranversing our way into each other’s arms slowly but surely.

Perhaps mine is not a formula just as yours won’t be or hers won’t be.

If I just let God be, perhaps God will allow this growing relationship into something fruitful. Or maybe He will just let it die.

To my girlfriends out there, wait patiently.

Do not lift up a finger for that man who hasn’t yet made his official step.

Instead, focus your eyes upon the Lord and let Him write your love story.

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