REMINDER OF THE DAY: You are just his friend


Today, I woke up with a brand new eyes, a brand new heart, a brand new faith. Literally, His mercies are new every morning!

It’s such a joy in my heart to declare it today.

Recently, my mind has been consumed by a guy friend whom I thought was giving me special attention. In the past two days though, I have been given the impression that he might not be doing it only to me.

It kinda blew off my pride and I have to admit, naaattack yung known identity ko (my identity is being attacked) . Funny how the enemy knows where to put on the lies for you. Remember that you are so special and loved that God bought you with a high price!

So today, at a blink of an eye, God gave me a fresh start.

I replied to my guy friend who said the last good night in Messenger. I shared a very brief revelation I had as I woke up early in the morning.

And then God whispered to me, “Isn’t this how you are with your other guy friends? Wouldn’t you have shared this same revelation to them if you were in contact with them just recently?”

That was when it hit me.

My heart has been so consumed by the many possibilities of ‘us’ that in my heart, I was losing our label as friends.

I was going a million steps forward that I was losing this phase of us just being friends.

So my morning reflection was about letting go of the expectations and embracing this God-given friendship.

To my future husband, I want to say I’m sorry kung ako’y naging marupok.

Fighting this battle of staying emotionally pure is just as hard as staying physically pure. Believe me that it takes passages and prayers and the Holy Spirit to take captive of my thoughts. But I want to assure you that at the end of the day, it is you that I am waiting for.

I don’t know who you are and where you’re at but take your appointed time.

I’ll see you at the altar in God’s good perfect and pleasing time.

I love you,

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