Guarding you heart in a world full of gossip


He took me out for a treat last Saturday then we met up with friends. The word kind of got around.

On Monday, I finally had time to introspect about our last meet up. I noticed a hint of suspiscion from the second person who asked us why we were together.

Another person, the first one who asked me why we were together, was the one who answered. “May nagpauga sa Coco! Effort yun ha, pumila pa sila.”

I had no idea at that time. I was so oblivious of what was happening and was just so focused on spending time with friends that I wasn’t aware how it might have looked like from their point of view.

How did he sat beside me and talked to me in front of our friends? Obviously, I wouldn’t know. I was interacting with everyone and I interacted with him just as I would with the others. But was he the same?

I started asking these questions as someone asked me yesterday that he got the word that we were together over the weekend!

I said to myself, did it cause suspicion especially when he stayed back at the elevator when all the rest left at the ground floor, bidding us goodbye?

I didn’t expect things would be noticed this way.

It’s not that I mind too much what people think. I am for the performance of One afterall.

Here are just three points we need to be warry of:

1. It takes a certain amount sensitivity to the people around us (especially to our accountability partners) to know if something is going on
– in this, we must exercise good judgment and the Spirit’s discernment if we need to help our brothers and sisters in Christ to guard their hearts
– by being oblivious to the things around us, we may loss our role in helping out our friends in their journey that God is taking them into

2. Caution must be given in voicing out opinions for the purpose of guarding their hearts
– are we pointing out possibilities for the purpose of guarding a possible couple’s hearts or are we flaming up a fire that shouldn’t be lit in the first place?
– again, a great deal of judgement and spiritual discernment/knowledge must be exercised here. It’s confusing, yes. That’s why we let God rule over our decisions. Pray about it.

3. For the role of the two possible couples, put the guarding of your hearts at a premium
Hindi dahil nalilink kayo or may nabuibuild up na issues ay may something na!
– Girl, do not assume unless the guy explicitly tells you his desires to pursue the possibility of marriage with you
– Guy, do not string along the girl if you do not have any plans to pursue the possibility of marriage with her!
– To both of you, it is also important to check your testimonies to other people. Are you giving these people reasons to think that there is something going on between the two of you?
– Lastly, gossip is not of the Lord’s. Do not let this hinder you from building a God-given relationship nor let this be the defining factor of your next actions. To continue pursuing and building a relationship with someone is between you and God (and the person involved) not on what other people tell you to do.

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