When to say I love you


When you are this close to saying I love you

Think again.

Sometimes (maybe most often than not) we get ruled by our emotions. We are human beings susceptible to fall for that next guy who showers you with unconditional attention.

He brings you home, calls out of nowhere, plays with your hair – how can you not fall for a guy who’s so into you and is not afraid to show it?

Here’s a call for wisdom.

Love is not just a one big heavy rain of emotion on a hot summer season. Love endures ALL of the seasons: in the winter when he acts cold, in the spring when romance begins, in the summer where memories are built, or in the fall when it becomes hard to remember why you loved him in the first place.

Love then is a commitment. It is a choice to whether all the highs and lows of what entails to fight for a relationship.

So before you say those big three words. Think again.

Is this an avelange of emotions or a true and lasting choice you want to make?


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