28 ways to live more

Unashamedly sharing my vision journal/morning pages today.

Pardon my half awake handwriting

1. Love more

2. Pray always

3. Wakeup every day at 5am

– through my morning pages/vision journaling, I’m already at Day 2! Lezzzdodiz!!!

4. Drink more water

– wait, I’m parched (enter Klaus gif here)

5. Walk 10,000 steps every single day

– Walk 10,000 steps every single day- this has been constant as I started 2019 but hey, it’s always good to remind yourself of your goals as often as possible, right?

– even on staycations

6. Stay away from sweets

7. Don’t stay up later than 12mn!!!

– to my friends, please respect my curfew (T_T) Tita na me.

8. No coffee or milktea or any kind of sweetened drink beyond 3pm

9. Work smart

– hustle and grind within maximum efficiency (focus)

10. Smile

11. Laugh more

– at the silly and mundane

12. Be kind to yourself

13. Be kind to others even more

14. Call the cashier, your manicurist, the guard, the waitress, etc. by their first name

15. Say good morning

– especially to the guards

16. Be generous

– give tip!

17. Carry with you always a metal straw, tumbler and baunan

18. Say “NO” to bad self talk

19. Seek intimacy with God everyday

– devotional

– worship

– be still in Him

20. Save

– follow your budget (live within your means)

– be diligent in preparing your own food

– ask yourself, “Do I really need to buy this?”

21. Take that leap of faith

– it’s that one step that will move you forward to God’s trajectory. Let Him thrust you towards His good, pleasing and perfect will

22. Do your morning pages

– yesterday was my first day and I am amazed to have completed my 8 hour chargeable work from 9:06am to 5:45pm! Talk about productive


24. Have frequent dates with yourself and God

25. Call mama even more

26. Never fail to say “I love you”

27. Say a sincere compliment

28. Hug/touch people more

28. Kumustahin mo sila

Special thanks to my team at work for their extra effort to celebrate my birthday!

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