A poem

I’m not the girl you date for your convenience.

That when all has been said and done, you look up at your to do list, check all of them and look at your extras and say “Ah! I think I can go and check up on Faye.”

I won’t wait on you.

I won’t play nice and pretend that it’s okay with me that you forgot me. I won’t look you in the eye and smile and say “It’s okay.”

I won’t compromise.

I won’t settle for a man who doesn’t pick me up on dates and make me feel like a lady.

I won’t be less of who I am just to date you.

I’d rather wait forever for a man who can treat me right – who’ll pursue me, who’ll make me feel special, who’ll make me feel loved.

I’m not the girl you’ll date for your convenience.

You’ll find that I am fierce, I know what I want, and I’ll demand it so.

So if you think that I’m way too much and you can’t handle it.

I’m not the girl can date.

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