From Sesou Nature Source

Let’s take a break from last week’s drama and move on go back to my Summer Series, shall we?

Sesou Nature Store is a brand that searches for cleaner alternatives. With branches on 18 key areas all over Metro Ma and two upcoming ones in Pasay and Ortigas, Sesou is your one stop shop for your sustainable daily needs.

I got my summer kit at the G/F, Glorietta 1 Makati.

Joy was all too happy to answer my various questions on their products. Ultimately, I decided to buy the following:

1. MAGWAI Reef-safe Sunscreen Lotion (SPF50+)

2. CHEEKY BELLA Balm & Blush

3. STRIP IT! Hair Removal Chocolate Sugaring – comes with free cloth pack

***and a free ecobag

Did you know? Four common sunscreen ingredients were shown to bleach corals at extremely low concentrations

That’s why MAGWAI aims to responsible by using reef-safe ingredients in their sunblock.

The all natural ingredients provide SPF 50+ and broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Plus, sabi ni Ate Joy, hindi daw to malagkit. It can be used for the face and for the body.

If you’re wandering what’s written in the paper tag, it says that MAGWAI’s sustainability program offers you to be part of it.

Once you’ve used up your MAGWAI, simply drop off the empty tube in recycling bins found in their partner stores. MAGWAI will pick this up for recycling to breath new life into these tubes.

CHEEKY BELLA Bath and Balm by Organic Alley is to have enough tint that it could pass as a lipstick. I got this as I have been trying to achieve the liptint look na uso ngayon sa mga koreans with a lipstick layering on various hues. With my need for a new blushon as well, the cheek and lip makeup seemed to be the wisest pick.

Upon further research, Cheeky Bella is more famous for its natural-looking rosy flush. With its moisturizing properties, I can’t wait to try out this product!

MAGWAI Sunscreen and Cheeky Bella FIRST IMPRESSIONS:

Note: I use Huawei Mate 10 Pro so even without filters, I cannot get the real-life colors right

***In these, I am wearing the MAGWAI Sunscreen for the first time and Cheeky Bella for the second time but with liberal amount

> Sunscreen: expect a white film to retain on your face as most reef-safe sunscreen does. I didn’t mind as it was like adding face cream on my face. As promised by Ate Joy of Sesou who sold me this product, di siya malagkit. It truly is for the face and body.

> Cheeky Bella as balm:
I wore this yesterday but with only a few dabs. See possible effect on first photo. First try palang, ramdam mo na na nakakamoisturize talaga siya.

Today, kinapalan ko yung layer and see next photo! Parang nakalipstick ka talaga which was Ate Joy’s selling point to me.

A few hours after, while drinking coffee, the color is still there and mas nagmukhang natural reddish tint na ang lips ko.

Stay tuned for my review of this product as a blush!

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