What happens when you pray

I never really get time to pray for our meals with my family. Every trip back home is just so jam-packed with activities. If that’s not the case, our schedules for meals don’t meet up.

On my last trip though, we went to Mang Inasal for lunch. It’s kind of a family tradition I seldom experience since I work in Manila.

At this time, I got to pray with my sibs not just for the food but for our time to bond together.

It’s amazing what miracles God could do when you pray for the smallest things. This time with them has been one of the most beautiful yet simplest ones I’ve spent with them.

There wasn’t anything fancy planned that afternoon; no itinerary to follow.

Looking back, I wish I could keep the magic of that afternoon in a bottle or make that moment into a lasting memory.

But the moment we had was all I had.

I thus encourage you today to make a priority to spend quality time with your loved ones. Money sent to the people you love back home is important. LDRs can now be combatted through the interconnectivity brought by technology. However, for a person like me who’s love tank gets full only by special one-on-one times like this, nothing beats an afternoon just literally laying on the grass with mah homies.

As the day ended, I realized that my simple prayer at lunch time to have quality time with my family came to be.

God really hears our simplest prayers. He covers our every interaction with everyone. So don’t be afraid to pray not just for the big things but also for the smallest most minute details of your life.

God is a relational God. He cares for what you care for. That’s why when you pray, pray like he is your father. Ask for Him to bless your small get-togethers. Ask Him to be present in your gatherings. Ask Him to lead the conversation.

Not that He won’t.

We are asking Him because He finds delight in our faith. When we ask, we are proclaiming Him sovereign in all things – even in your face to face conversations with a friend, a family member or a significant other.

Allow God to be actively part of your life journey. Let Him in your life.

You might be surprised on what He can do in a simple afternoon.

Here are some other things we did after lunch.

Haircut for all and pedi for the sizzums

Never a gala day with them without milktea. But wait – water!

For a quick review, Wabi Sabi is an affordable milktea shop located at P. Gomez, Laoag City near INNHS 7-Eleven.

I ordered hot wintermelon tea because I had colds (and for being the ultimate Tita that I am. I loved it!

Salve got the blueberry cold milktea with nata and Daniel got the strawberry cold milktea with popping bobba. My crazy sibs exchanged orders because the blueberry one was too sweet.

All orders are at arouns 85p for cold drinks and 105 for hot. Add-ons come seperately ranging from around 10p to 25p.

Menu also comes with pasta and fries which I saw the other tables had ordered. It must be pretty good.

In all honesty, we went to Wabi Sabi as a side-trip because we were really going to P. Gomez to visit our Alma Mater, Ilocos Norte National High School – Special Science Class.

Never missing an opportunity to have a photo op. Check out my social media accounts on Twitter, FB and IG as well!

We then went to Marcos Stadium and just hanged out in the middle of the soccer field at sunset.

Finally ended the night with some unwanted cuddling my not-so-little brother.


Was there any simple pray you requested from God where you received so much more? Share it on the comments section!

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