How do I move on?

The first days are always the worst.

It’s Day3 after our reset last Monday. It’s worse than ever. I considered it might be time to go to therapy as I promised this to myself last 2017.

Wow, will you look at that. I was actually able to fight off anxieties during my #Better2018 days! I think I’ll persevere even more this year with my Freedom’19: Force, Focus, Frequency.

After this discovery, I found myself better now.

I can weather through this storm.

Rewriting my story, let me try again.

I am at a new season in my life right now. I am excited for the things (and people) to come as God brings in new people to disciple and share my life with.

I am excited for the new opportunities He is bringing into my life. Maybe next week’s meeting will result to a new endeavor, who knows?

Of course, I am looking forward to another year as I continue seeking God even more.

Maybe God removed him in my life so that I can have more time with him. After all, I am so done dating boys. It’s time to move on.

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