THE PROCESS: Daily Montage – Letters I may never got to send you


Maybe I got really hurt and I was afraid you’ll hurt me again. Given the circumstance that I can turn you down when you asked for a second chance, I did! Because then, there won’t be any heartaches anymore. Easy.

God, today, I just want to offer all these emotions, fears and thoughts back to you. Let it be an incense being burnt in your refining love as it reaches you up high in the heavens. I know Lord that you can see me and hear me. I know that your heart cries when I cry. I know that you mourn when I mourn.

Lord, heal me. Heal this heart that believed in the goodness of a human heart. Heal this heart that gave love a chance. Heal this heart that took a risk into the unknown.

My dearest Father, you knew that when you allowed these things to happen that I was at a very vulnerable stage. Just like in Job, you have let things transpire because you know that I am your daughter. I shall always follow the voice my shepherd. But see me and hear me right now God! Hear my pleas. Heal me!

Bless me Abba Father and do not let the enemy’s lies deceive me. Protect me.

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