Ending the night with my love tank full! It was a night of four hours of catching up. I woke up the next day feeling refreshed. It made me believe in the magic of love again. That somewhere out there is a man who can make me feel even better than this.

This whole season that God brought me into did not just expose relational issues I had to fix alone with God but it also made me learn so much about myself.

It tested my convictions and beliefs. My identity that I am holding unto is being solidified through the testing of faith. Even more, I am understanding myself that truly, my love language is of service and time.

I seek for long and deep conversations – for uninterrupted talks punctuated by contented silences. I love to talk to you about dreams, God’s revelations, our seasons and the past seasons. I would like to share to you about things that made me cry and laugh and love.

Tell me about your day, and what happened during the last months and of your highlights for 2018. Reveal me things you’ve never said to other people – because you are scared and/or you want to protect the vision.

Let it be random. Make it disjointed. End it with “san na nga na ako” and “my point is.” Allow the waiters to interrupt in the middle of a long winded story. Shower me with things that’s of your mind.

Show me the realness of you through quality time.

Soon after the other customers left and the lights were turned off – after another pause at the stop light because of another long winded talk – did I realize that the night should end.

Bitin isn’t something I’d like to call it because it was fruitful and meaningful. You showed me a safe place that I can run to after the tiredness of a 6 month recluse from you. You made the distance and silence seem like a short commercial break before watching the climax of the story.

Thank you Hansamu 😅😅😅 for an uninterrupted time with you.

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