THE PROCESS: Daily Montage – [untitled]

9 Feb 2019, 2:31 AM

I went out with another friend. Just as the night ended, tears stinged my eyes as I wiped it away with shaking hands.

This was my confession:

I know that my destiny is to wait for God’s best.

But another test came along last weekend. As I talked to a Godly Christian woman who got connected to the VG , I was mesmerized to see that, as per my standards, she was compromising.

A thought occurred to me.

I asked God why can’t I just have that same love story as this woman? Can’t I just have that first guy that comes along that I like back? Can’t I just get that love life I’ve long since prayed for – even at the point of compromising? Can’t I just skip the waiting part and grab that first opportunity even if it is not your best?

I just want to be loved and seen Lord. I long for that affection I never had for my six years of singleness. Just allow me to get a little something, Lord!

Under the starry Makati night sky, I sank dipper in my chair. I cried helplessly in front of my friend as he bombarded me with words of affirmations. He gave me words of encouragement I couldn’t comprehend in that cold February evening.

When I finally got hold of myself, I heard him still talking about my season of pruning. He repeated the same words that got me crying in this open-spaced cafe in the first place.

He said “That’s what’s good in your season of pruning – that even if it hurts, you still see the goodness of God. You are still praising him because normally, we only see the blessing when everything is good and is going your way. In your season, as your convictions get tested, you are still praising God! That’s a testimony to share.”

“O give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures for ever!” (Ps. 118:29).

I went home feeling like I lost my pride. What was I thinking crying in front of a guy about how hard it is to wait for God’s best?!!

I arrived safely but with the possibility of tears to stream down my face again once I talk to God about what happened a few minutes ago.

But in the end, I felt like nabunutan ako ng tinik as I confessed to someone those horrible moments of me haggling with God. It was surely a moment of weakness that only in the vulnerability of real friendship can be exposed.

As I assessed the fruitfulness of our conversation, I would say that by the confession of my weakness, I was able to affirm that yes, God has a great and beautiful destiny waiting for me. Even in my moments of weakness, God will still pull me through and nothing – not even waiting – can delay the good, pleasing and perfect promises of God that will come. He will not delay – not a minute and not even a second.

So stand firm in your walk of faith and believe in the things unseen. For He will surely not delay!

As I end this, here are a few screenshots I got on social media upon arriving home:


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