Dating in the Modern Christian World – What does it even mean?

I think I am getting better at this, don’t you think?

No matter how hard the blow, I always bounce back up higher than ever before. So I’ll make it through this time.

That’s what I said to myself when I tried giving another somebody a chance.

Four days later, he comes up with a DTR telling me he didn’t want to me to expect a relationship from him because he’s still waiting on someone.

Cue that famous song:

Sana sinabi mo
Para ‘di na umasang may tayo pa sa huli
Sana sinabi mo
Hahayaan naman kitang sumaya’t umalis
Sana sinabi mo
Para ‘di na umasang may tayo pa sa huli
Sana sinabi mo
Hahayaan naman kita
Sana sinabi mo
Para ang mga ayaw mo’y aking iibahin
‘Di ba sinabi mo
Basta tayong dalawa’y sasaya ang mundong mapait
‘Di ba sinabi ko
Gagawin kong lahat upang tayo parin sa huli
Biglang nalaman ko
May hinihintay ka lang palang bumalik

Thunder rumbles in the background as heavy rains pours down on you.

What a day to forget your umbrella.

And now, I lay in bed laughing at myself. “I’ll get over this again.”

Why then do I still bring myself out there? Carrying all my values, boundaries and THE List, of course.

That is because Biblical Dating doesn’t mean locking yourself up in a monastery and waiting for your prince charming to arrive.

Biblical dating is looking your best, socializing, minggling and meeting new people. This entails building relationships with the opposite sex in healthy and pure ways.

So probably, when that time comes when I’m ready to try the bounce again, I’ll put myself out there. Then maybe that next bounce will be the time “God remembers Rachel” and I finally meet my God’s best.

If you are a single woman reading this, remember your value that we do not lift a finger for any man – even if he seems to be a perfect cut of prince charming.

But also, as a single woman who has her desires to marry, do not be afraid to put yourself out there. If a guy with some potential happens to take interest in you, give him a chance. You may either win a friend or have a credible basis of knowing you are not compatible with each other.

Love is a risk. Jesus Christ risked himself on the cross for you even if He knew you have the choice not to accept His love. He stands at the door and knocks. He doesn’t force you to open the door. That’s a picture of looking for love.

So make your door visible. Do not be afraid to be seen. And when you get a knock on the door, open it up and you get to decide who to welcome into your heart or not.

And lastly, pray.

Pray that you have the right motives. Pray that you are guided by the Holy Spirit. Pray for that guy you are currently dating. Pray seperately about your future husband. Pray that you all will honor the sanctity of marriage by staying pure physically and emotionally.

As you bounce on your first try or if you are like me, on her nth, I offer up a prayer for you. Take heart and be of good courage. If your master dribbler is God, you are only moving closer to that three-point shot. Enjoy the journey along the way.

I assure you that once God has set you to hit the winning mark, you would have gotten out of this dating game stronger and wiser.

Abide in Him.

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