Life Update – and My One True Source

Dearest reader,

I know you’ve missed me so much.

I’ve missed you too.

But there have been one or two unexpected but very welcomed change in my life that have kept my plate full for the past months.

I’m at a very happy place right now but there has been one constant thing that’s remained even at this change of season.

At the end of everyday, I still find myself running back to my one true King.

If you are reading this and you have also found yourself at a new place in the last few days or months…or sadly, you are still in that place of long wait and hope, this is one thing I’d like to share to you:


I read this tonight in Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst:

How tragic that when we chase something in this world, we’re actually running away from the stable trust and secure love our souls long for the most. Our souls were created to be pursued and fulfilled by God’s love and goodness. Other chases deplete us and erode our trust.


God is our air – the very main sustainance we cannot live without.

If you think a relationship can save you, your work can fulfill you, money can solve your problems – Dear, you are wrong!

So wrong that I am telling you right now, wherever you are running towards to find satisfaction, love, attention – whatever it is, it’s only from God that the fulness of life can be found.

Turn your back now from the wrong choices you are making and face the Almighty Source – where love abounds exceedingly well you shall not lack.

Face the God who has created you and says that you are valued, seen, protected and provided for.

Let Him Father you who is the perfect love.

I pray for all the best to you my readers. I’m still online for your chats, updates and praye requests.

Love lots,
His Captivated Child

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