Holiday favorites ’19

I’ve always spent my holidays at home. But it’s no reason for me not to fall in love with the holiday festivities of my hometown each and every year.

Special thanks to this trio who drove me back home ‘coz somebody didn’t take take reservations earlier. (In my defense, I didn’t know I had to reserve two months before my trip!)

So here are my top favorites this holiday season

1. Online shopping

This saved me from getting all the hassle of going to the malls during the peak season. Add my 12.12 discounts, who wouldn’t count on online shopping this time of the year?

Literally bought Bare Essentials Manila for my last minute buys!

2. Skin care

I’ve always found complicated skin care well.. COMPLICATED. But with two weeks of nothing but eating and sleeping to do. I am able to put in a time or two for skin care.

Here’s to Indian Clay Masks from Watsons for only 400p!

Grab velcro pads if you must. They are so underrated!

3. There’s always a new shop to try

Starbucks, Uniqlo, H&M

With Laoag’s growing economy, new stores are popping left and right! Consequence though is that the place is always full.

We went out instead at Macao Imperial as a spontaneous night out with my sibs

Brought with us Ice Breaker cards as this year’s holiday games.


See you again when I feel like it!

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