Wk3/21: My Dream Team

Wedding budgeting has been up and about during the last month and I have done some canvassing to achieve a more realistic budget.

Here’s what I have so far:

1. Wedding Gown: Divisoria

2. Florist: Flos Carmeli Flowershop

Tita Carmela just made me feel like she was a friend who’s there to help me achieve the wedding of my dreams!

Check out my Facebook review on their page.

Other canvassed options but gave me a more expensive quote: Dangwa Florist

3. PhotoVid: Bryter Events Studio

Initial choice: Hungry Soles but was more expensive

– was a supplier by a friend. Still highly recommended

Fiance’s choice: Antahan Arts

– fiance’s friend/network and very excellent photovid service as well

4. Honeymoon: TKTQ Travels

– again, fiance’s friend/network with whom they get during their family’s yearly travels

Fiance’s April 2019 Trip to Korea by TKTQ Travels

– highly recommended




Photo by TKTQ Travels

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