Wk5/21: Beauty Routine Updates

I had my first session at Dermcare last January

I couldn’t really contact Alphaland Makati Place unless you call. And when I called, the lady at the counter still wasn’t accomodating, even noting that they will cancel my reservation at 7pm if a walk in comes in first.

Contemplating if I should stay here at this branch for the next sessions to come.

Facial service was good though. You would have thought there was a totally different peron doing the facial. They answered your questions and gave you advice! I’m excited to see improvements after my 5 sessions.

Now, given that things seem to be pushing for a honeymoon in Bali, it’s the perfect time to get the MAPUTING KILIKILI PROJECT up and running!

Bought the 8+1 Diode Treatment at Skin Station: took foever to book!

After a back and forth email with info@skinstation, I was able to get one after office hours.

On the day of my appointment, I was informed at the branch that I had no booking. They did entertain me for as I had email proof. They also confirmed it via call. Sadly, I heard that this has been an issue of overbooking which usually happens to them.

The lady who did my treatment was very friendly and gave advice as well as answered my questions.

RESULT OF SESSION 1: Parang walang nangyari. Nashave’n lang ako! Haha


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