Securing Travel Pass in Quezon City to Ilocos Norte

Upon initial research these are the requirements:

QC Requirements for travel pass
1. Original and photocopy of the Medical Travel Clearance Certificate from Quezon City Health Office.
2. Coordination letter/acceptance letter of the place you are traveling to.
3. A photocopy of your valid ID Travel form (you can get this at the police station)

Requirements in Laoag for APOR

  1. Negative RT-PCR test
  2. Barangay Acceptance as a Mourning APOR
  3. Proof of identification
  4. Travel Authority issued by the JTF-CV
    Shield/PNP in your locality.

In reality, this is what happened:

  • Secure your Acceptance Letter in the barangay in Laoag where you will be staying
  • In Quezon City, there is no online registration. Secure your Travel Pass in your respective barangay:

  1. Prepare your basic requirements like IDs, filled up Health Declaration Form
  2. Let this be approved by assigned doctor in your local health center
  3. Go to the barangay to get cleared Health Declaration Form
  4. Go to respective PNP Station with photocopy of all papers and obtain letter requesting travel authority
  5. Fill up letter requesting travel authority
  6. Submit letter requesting travel authority with a photocopy
  7. Return upon advice of PNP for approved travel pass

ADVICE: Keep social distancing, sanitize, bring your own pen and line up!

We are yet to get our RT-PCR test in the boundary of Ilocos Norte. Someone will meet us to provide the original of our acceptance letter. Hopefully, everything will go as planned.

’til next time!

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