Special Valentine’s Day Post

This is a post I made for Valentine's Day. As most of my blogs go, they do not necessarily appear in chronological order and this one especially so. I'm turning 28 next month and I am already counting to my 7th year of singleness. Yet here I am again in another state of brokenness and [...]


Mag-isa ka?

I don't need my Knight in Shining Armor! On the flipside my Knight in Shining Armor needs me. I am Harry's Hermione, Aragorn's Arwen, Han's Princess Leia... He told me that I was designed to be someone's Ezer Kenegdo. I am to be my future husband's helper.

Letting go of the perfectionist in me this 2018 – Part 3

I started 2018 full anxieties and the Annual Prayer and Fasting brought deliverance out of these worries. God also used this time to set my pace this year. My dreams and desires were brought to alignment with God's plans. This is the last of a series of lessons I learned in 2018