A celebration

Sometimes, I think, I will never get to trust a guy again. I added that in my Prayer and Fasting: to learn to trust my future husband when he finally comes along. But as Cha said, "Cheers to men who are not The One's!" Lately, God has been showing me his reasons why it never [...]


Your teasing should stop

This is a call to all the men out there. Your teasing should stop. There is a fine line between lovingly making fun of someone and bullying. You just don't tell a girl you just met that she should be of this body type. That's objectification. You don't bring up someone else's past to a [...]

Let 2018 work for you.

For my #Better2018, I've been really trying to put things into perspective - with the guidance and wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit. So I've been constantly reviewing my priorities. Nothing has changed. I do believe that during the Prayer and Fasting, things were balanced out. I will still STRICTLY STICK to the following [...]