CHRISTIAN DATING: Counting the many possibilities

So this is finally out: a very poignant post of yet another rejection and you ask yourself, "Can i still possibly believe in love?" Read on as I bleed my heart out unto this touchscreen phone hoping that in the deepest recesses of the world wide web, I get to encourage one of you.

When to say I love you

VALENTINE SERIES: Post 4 When you are this close to saying I love you Think again. Sometimes (maybe most often than not) we get ruled by our emotions. We are human beings susceptible to fall for that next guy who showers you with unconditional attention. He brings you home, calls out of nowhere, plays with [...]

Jesus my pursuer

Victory Makati just finished its last Prayer and Fasting this October 4, 2018. Before I slept that night, God revealed that all He wants me to do these last three months of the year is to continue running towards Him.


It started last Sunday during Victory's UNWAVERING SERIES. We studied about Abraham and HOW HE BELIEVED. And during that time, when Pst. Dennis was preaching - my world got muted as I asked God How can I have that kind of faith, Lord God?

All you single ladies

Why are we always pin-holing ourselves to a future where "I'll be happy once I've met the one?" We say things like "I'll finally be okay once I am in a relationship." Or believe that "My life will finally begin once I'm with my God's Best." These mindsets are truly hard to break because we [...]

Losing your identity in Christ

A very open blogpost on waiting. Read for more