CHRISTIAN DATING: Counting the many possibilities

So this is finally out: a very poignant post of yet another rejection and you ask yourself, "Can i still possibly believe in love?" Read on as I bleed my heart out unto this touchscreen phone hoping that in the deepest recesses of the world wide web, I get to encourage one of you.



UNPUBLISHED POSTS: Dated December 2017 Glad that of all days, of the 24 hours, I saw you at that terminal station, bored as I was. I stared back at you with cold unsettling eyes wondering to myself who is that guy in blue shirt with a friendly excited wave. I frowned at you, ready to [...]

What happens when you pray

I never really get time to pray for our meals with my family. Every trip back home is just so jam-packed with activities. If that's not the case, our schedules for meals don't meet up. On my last trip though, we went to Mang Inasal for lunch. It's kind of a family tradition I seldom [...]