Cancer Diaries: A bad report

It was in a secluded area at Coffee Project that I got an IRL report of what was going on back home


Cancer Diaries: Week Two

My heart was rubbed raw as I left my lola that day. We spent a whole afternoon crying over her situation, comforting her, crying again until our emotions got so mixed up, we were laughing. But come Monday, after listening to Steve Murrell ask What if God takes your loaf? it dawned on me that [...]

Cancer Diaries: The Beginning

Mamang surbetero's bell clanged down the streets as I fanned my lola to sleep. March has arrived and the ceiling fan's endless spinning couldn't drive away the humidity of the coming summer air. I slowly watched my lola fall to sleep, listening to the churning of the fan high above me. The faint traffic sounds [...]