Letting go of the perfectionist in me this 2018 – Part 1

I had weeks of asking Him to make things clear if what I was doing was right. As the Perfect Father He is, He taught me patiently that the new track I was walking on now is the right track. Continue reading...

Jesus my pursuer

Victory Makati just finished its last Prayer and Fasting this October 4, 2018. Before I slept that night, God revealed that all He wants me to do these last three months of the year is to continue running towards Him.

The peculiar church

Had some financial issues I had to face today. I was pretty stressed, obviously. But then, after an hour or more, I have finally calmed down. Walking home, I was asking God, "Lord, lagi nalang. During stressful days, I get this weird sense of silence in my heart. Don't I just care enough? Normal people [...]