Cancer Diaries: Week Two

My heart was rubbed raw as I left my lola that day. We spent a whole afternoon crying over her situation, comforting her, crying again until our emotions got so mixed up, we were laughing. But come Monday, after listening to Steve Murrell ask What if God takes your loaf? it dawned on me that [...]

Starting the year right IN CHRIST

It was a much needed spiritual reallignment of my heart. There was a lot of correcting that God made as I started consecrating myself to Him. It was a spiritual revival that I didn't know I needed because I got so soaked up into the sinful world during the past weeks. It was a reckoning of a daughter by a Father.

Of valets and parking lots

Here were our stops today: @Jazz Mall @Salcedo Market @Leaders' Convergence @Greenhills @Cha's