Letting go of the perfectionist in me this 2018 – Part 2

As I traveled last October to Eastwood to visit my sister, I had no idea where the bus will drop me off, how far the drop off point is from CCF and Microtel. I opened up my Google Maps to plan every minute detail of my visit there. Find out what happens next...


We are created to worship

Yesterday, I was reminded during the Upper Room Midyear Worship 2018 that God created us to worship. My heart was filled with praise, hope, joy, refreshment and a reignited faith as song after song, we worshiped God individually and corporately. I found myself kneeling at the feet of Jesus as Reckless Love was played. Read on...

The peculiar church

Had some financial issues I had to face today. I was pretty stressed, obviously. But then, after an hour or more, I have finally calmed down. Walking home, I was asking God, "Lord, lagi nalang. During stressful days, I get this weird sense of silence in my heart. Don't I just care enough? Normal people [...]