Is negative self-talk affecting your Christianity?

Stop saying to yourself, "I'm fat.""I'm not a virgin.""I'm hot-tempered." because your are not under the law anymore. You are instead led by the spirit. So start replacing your I'm not's to I AM's. " I am _____."- beautiful- loved- gracious- pure- righteous Your new identity in Christ is what defines you. Declare today who… Continue reading Is negative self-talk affecting your Christianity?

Securing Travel Pass in Quezon City to Ilocos Norte

Upon initial research these are the requirements: QC Requirements for travel pass1. Original and photocopy of the Medical Travel Clearance Certificate from Quezon City Health Office.2. Coordination letter/acceptance letter of the place you are traveling to.3. A photocopy of your valid ID Travel form (you can get this at the police station) Requirements in Laoag… Continue reading Securing Travel Pass in Quezon City to Ilocos Norte