Cancer Diaries: Funeral Service

2 November 2018 4:15 am Originally posted at: A stranger in white came to the funeral service at around four in the morning. He stood alone for a while near the entrance. "Nakikiramay po ako," was his first words. He asked about our lola, where she's from, where she'll be buried. Then he said [...]


Cancer Diaries: The Last Chapter

I wasn't sure what mom meant earlier today. Does one's person's pulse come and go? I rubbed my eyes to wake myself up but then decided to nap on the table. I was so tired from yesternight's overtime work but I still had so much to do. It was also payroll day today. I sat [...]

Jesus my pursuer

Victory Makati just finished its last Prayer and Fasting this October 4, 2018. Before I slept that night, God revealed that all He wants me to do these last three months of the year is to continue running towards Him.

Interpreting Avril Lavigne’s Head Above Water

Like many of you, I also grew up loving Avril Lavigne. Her first album Let Go might've been the first album I bought with my own money (or I might've shared the cost with Salve). Five years after we last heard from her, Avril released a new single about fighting Lyme disease. To everyone's astonishment, it was a testimonial song!